Maury Joseph, Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Washington, DC

Specializing in Complex, Severe, and Treatment-Resistant Conditions and

Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms

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Dr. Joseph's Teaching Positions

Dr. Joseph is the current chair of the Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy program at the Washington School of Psychiatry, an Adjunct Faculty member, teaching about psychodynamic psychotherapy at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and an Assistant Clinical Faculty member at the George Washington University Professional Psychology Program.

Education for Medical Professionals

If you and your medical staff desire additional education about the complex links between emotions and physical health, or the application of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) to somatization, I will be glad to prepare a presentation to meet your specific training goals.

"Dr. Joseph is an articulate and relatable presenter.  He is able to talk to both the healthcare professional and the layperson in a way that makes his subject material coherent and understandable.  His discussion on Working with Resistance in Healthcare Settings is very helpful in offering our clinicians and administrative team a set of skills to employ that gains trust and engagement from our clients. Dr. Joseph provides a framework that our staff was able to begin implementing right away and is an excellent platform for further discussion and growth in communication skills." - local medical professional
"Dr. Joseph's presentation on the Complex Links between Emotions and Health provides insight into pain symptoms that are commonly misdiagnosed in healthcare.  He depicts the physical manifestation of stress and provides a schema for approaching the topic of pain related to stress with clients.  His depiction provides structure for discussion and further exploration that our clinicians are now able to observe and implement.  Dr. Joseph is engaging and eloquent in making his subject matter applicable for his audience."  - local medical professional

Consultation for Licensed Mental Health Practitioners

The process of learning ISTDP and other psychodynamic approaches is never-ending, and many of us want support in the face of new challenges. If you have your client’s consent to use material (e.g., videos, transcripts) from their sessions for consultation purposes, I am available to help you harness your strengths, see where you are getting stuck, and provide you with theory and skills that could help you overcome the training and treatment difficulties that you are facing.

Training for Clinicians About ISTDP, psychodynamic psychotherapy, or Emotions and Health

I am available to provide in-services, presentations, and trainings for mental health clinicians at all stages of training. I will tailor my presentation to the specific training goals of your group or clinic.

"Dr. Joseph’s ISTDP training was well-received by our externs, who commented on his confidence with the material and ease of teaching.  Dr. Joseph’s style felt accessible to them, and they described their hopes to incorporate the ISTDP techniques he demonstrated into their own therapy practice." - local psychology externship coordinator

Previous Presentation Titles

"The Complex Links Between Emotions and Health"

"Working with Psychological Resistance in Healthcare Settings"

"Contemporary Psychodynamic Theory"

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"Building the Therapeutic Alliance in ISTDP"

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"Treatment of Depression and Somatization with ISTDP"